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Chancay Painted Panel with Two Figures Side by Side
360˚ view
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Chancay Painted Panel with Two Figures Side by Side

Chancay Painted Panel with Two Figures Side by Side



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Chancay painted panel with two figurines side by side. This is a complete panel with two rectangular box-headed personages on a busily packed background of geometric motifs of circles, squares, arrows, and dash marks. The color scheme is neutral, consisting of natural, gray and taupe pigments. The figures are represented in opposing color scheme. A double-headed serpent with a serrated back forms an inverted U-shaped dome over the beige figure on the left, while the dark gray figure on the right is surrounded by another three sided cube enclosure which may be representative of a serpent as well. Although the exact iconographic significance of the imagery is unclear, the two personages are contained within architectural framework that could possibly represent a temple, in which case the personages themselves could be deities or shaman figures. Rarely in the world of ancient Peruvian textiles do we clearly witness such a spontaneous expression of artistic freedom than in the self-conscious  imagery of the Chancay painted textile. The Chancay artist applied paint with brush strokes to unprimed cotton. This combination of painting style and technique characterizes the Chancay painted textile with a soft-edged, transparent quality that invokes a manner of almost calculated whimsy. The painted textile tradition first appeared in Paracas times and re-emerged during the late Huari and Early Chancay periods. Excellent discussion and examples in de Lavalle, Antonio, The Textile Art of Perú Lima, 1991, Chapter X.

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