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MIDNIGHT BUCK | 36x36 in. Pure Black Deer Cut-Out
360˚ view
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MIDNIGHT BUCK | 36x36 in. Pure Black Deer Cut-Out

MIDNIGHT BUCK | 36x36 in. Pure Black Deer Cut-Out



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Our 'Midnight Buck' is one of several new large deer mount wall art silhouettes, CNC-routed from PolyMetal for the ultimate modern wall Decor. In an effort to capture the traditional shape of the deer or elk head and antlers and portray it in a humane, contemporary light, we have taken an artistically enhanced image of a well-antlered stag, applied a modern minimalist touch by converting it to a monochromatic silhouette, and given it a powerfully edgy element by painting the deer head in pure, midnight black. The ideal way to bring the rustic, rugged elements of nature into a trendy, urban space.The iconic outline of the stag's head and antlers combined with the jet black painted finish come together for a bold, daring artwork with a masculine touch. With a durable aluminum surface and lightly rounded edges, this faux deer head cut-out adds a strong sculptural, dimensional element to your contemporary home Decor that is easy to mount. It is also a subtle nod to the global efforts needed to keep our deer in their natural habitat and let Mother Nature flourish. A modern alternative to traditional taxidermy.

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