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SEA TURTLE SEASCAPE | 48x19 in. Metal Animal Print
360˚ view
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SEA TURTLE SEASCAPE | 48x19 in. Metal Animal Print

SEA TURTLE SEASCAPE | 48x19 in. Metal Animal Print



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Our 'Sea Turtle Seascape' is one of several aquatic, sea life themed contemporary metal giclee prints. In an effort to capture the fascinating underwater world and lively essence of the animal's natural habitat in a contemporary light, we have taken an artistically enhanced photograph of a coral reef seafloor and framed it in the silhouette of a swimming sea turtle. The surface of the artwork features a crisp, clean finish with a lightly textured shift between a semi-gloss eggshell on the white backdrop and a satin matte finish on the colorful acrylic inks.It is not terribly uncommon to see this gentle giant wild in the ocean, and as one of the most beloved sea creatures in the ocean, all can all appreciate the iconic shape, paddle fins, and peaceful motions of the animal. With gorgeous underwater hues of indigo, azure, cobalt, turquoise, sapphire, cyan, and royal blue visible through the sea turtle's silhouette, this modern underwater artwork is a subtle reminder of the global efforts needed to keep our oceans clean and let Mother Nature flourish. A modern alternative to traditional taxidermy.

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